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By Jack Holland

During this compelling, strong ebook, the overdue Irish journalist and essayist Jack Holland got down to resolution a frightening query: how do you clarify the oppression and brutalization of part the world's inhabitants via the opposite part, all through background? the result's an eye-opening trip via centuries, continents and civilizations because it appears at either old and modern attitudes to ladies. Misogyny encompasses the Church, witch hunts, sexual conception, Nazism, pro-life campaigners, and eventually, latest constructing global, the place girls are more and more and disproportionately in danger due to radicalized non secular ideals, famine, struggle, and illness. widely researched, hugely readable and provocative, this ebook chronicles an old, pervasive and enduring injustice. The questions it poses care for the basics of human life — intercourse, love, violence — that experience formed the lives of people all through background, and finally limn an abuse of human rights on an almost unthinkable scale.

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It led to the ruin of Athens and its empire. It brought about the end of one of the most extraordinary periods of intellectual and artistic achievement that civilization has ever enjoyed. It exhausted Greece, paving the way for conquest first by the Macedonians, and then by Rome. In the turmoil and confusion that followed defeat, a vengeful democratic regime forced Plato’s beloved mentor Socrates (469–399 BC) to commit suicide. The Peloponnesian War profoundly influenced Plato’s view of the world – this alone makes it a turning point in history.

This life/death reconciliation is, to them, simply in the nature of things, not a cause for blame or condemnation. But to the Greek dualistic mentality, nature embodies man’s limitations and weaknesses, and woman embodies nature. Woman serves as a constant and resented reminder of those limitations. This is the sin of Pandora and her daughters, for which misogyny, from its fairy tales to its philosophies, seeks to punish all women. ’14 Relationships and attitudes which are given mythological sanction are usually reflected in laws and customs.

In Mesopotamia, the Sumerian poem ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh’, which dates back to the third millennium BC, has a hero who like Prometheus aspires to rival the gods. Gilgamesh does so by seeking to share in their immortality; but women are not made the instrument of revenge by some vindictive deity seeking to punish man for challenging his mortal lot. Nor does Gilgamesh castigate women for being to blame for ‘the lot of man’; the gods are to blame for our mortality. The goddess who rules Paradise tells him: Gilgamesh, where are you hurrying to?

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