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Protecting Her used to be His DutySkilled with a sword and quickly together with her wit, Scottish insurgent Claire Stuart can't be tamed. And not anything can deter her from rescuing her loved sister and saving them either from prepared marriages--not even the good-looking Highlander who vows to guard Claire. His sizzling gaze and fiery kiss deliver her to the threshold of quit, yet she belongs to no man...Seducing Her will be His RewardGraham provide has had his percentage of lasses. yet he hasn't ever met one as headstrong or as bonnie as Claire--or one with such determined, dnagerous plans. assisting her might betray his honor, his nation, and extra. Graham cannot declare her. but every little thing in him says: Take her, make her yours, educate her excitement, and not permit her move.

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The doubtful crook of Graham’s mouth convinced Robert otherwise. Robert smiled, then cringed and lifted his hand to his jaw. ” Graham cast him an askew glance and laughed. “I fear yer books about the courtly ways of love have led ye far from the truth. ” He held up his palm when Robert would have spoken, cutting him off. “Lasses are fer caressing, bedding, and leaving. ” “Mayhap the fault lies with your sisters,”ighour sis Robert pointed out. ” “Aye,” Graham conceded, watching the bruise below the young earl’s eye turn purple.

Not so bloody fierce now, are you. ” Every muscle He raised his fist to strike her again, but a powerful command to halt stopped his hand in midair. Claire looked over his shoulder to see two men mounted on great black warhorses approaching cautiously, one surveying the six dead men scattered along the ground, the other surveying her. ” John gained his saddle and trotted toward the two men with his hand poised on the hilt of his sword. Claire saw the reason for his caution. One of the men was a Highlander.

Satan’s balls, she wasn’t going to die this way! Claire Stuart glared at the man’s head buried between her breasts. With a final tug that confirmed how tightly her wrists were bound to the oak behind her, she gritted her teeth and then sank them into the mauler’s shoulder. “Ahh! ” Her attacker reeled away gripping his bloodied wound. ” He lunged for her, mindless that her legs were free. None of the men had thought to secure her feet to the tree. After all, it was her arms that had wielded a sword so expertly against them, killing six of his comrades when they came upon her this morning.

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