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By Gail Jarrow

Discusses medieval castles, why they have been outfitted, who outfitted them, how they have been built, how they have been used, their deterioration, and their fix and recovery.

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Альбом посвящен творчеству великого итальянского живописца, графика и архитектора Рафаэля Санти (1483 - 1520). Один из крупнейших представителей искусства Высокого Возрождения, для картин которого характерна подчеркнутая сбалансированность и гармоничность целого, уравновешенность композиции, размеренность ритма и деликатное использование возможностей цвета.

The Medieval Castle

During this e-book we hint the tale of the medieval citadel from its beginnings to the peak of its impact.

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In other castles, the entrance was placed between two stone towers, each two or three stories high. 8 meters), only room enough for a horse and cart to pass through. Defenders in the gatehouse controlled a wooden drawbridge across the moat. When enemies could not get near the the drawbridge was raised, castle entrance. A wooden gate strengthened with iron, called a portcullis, and down in the walls of the gatehouse. It moved up could be low- more quickly than the drawbridge could be raised. Some castles had more than one portcullis.

Beth Smith, Castles. New Read about everyday ghost Web York: Franklin Watts, 1988. castle life, siege warfare, and castle stories. org). This site contains information about parts of a castle and includes the architectural plans for actual castles. Explore castles around the world through color photographs and videos. Check out the kids' section. org. Find information about the attack and defense of a medieval castle. See a slide building of a trebuchet. Design your use 44 it to play an online game show about own the trebuchet and called Destroy the Castle.

The attackers did not want to fight a rescuing army. Instead they decided to take the castle by launching an assault. Attackers broke through the walls, climbed over them, and made them collapse. An assault either frightened the defenders into surrender or allowed the attackers to get inside the castle. Breaking In To break through walls, doors, and gates, attackers used an beam made from A dozen or more soldiers swung it back and the target until the stone or wood gave way. iron-tipped battering ram, a heavy wooden a tree trunk.

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