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By Margaret Wade Labarge

This selection of occasional writings via popular medieval pupil Margaret Wade Labarge considers an eclectic mixture of subject matters and concerns within the heritage of the center a long time. the various lives of medieval ladies, their strength and standing inside society, are depicted via their very own writings; questions of medieval tradition are associated with these dealing with humanity in our time; shuttle, as skilled via the main prestigious ambassador and via the lowliest pilgrim, is explored; and the origins and stipulations of health and wellbeing care are tested. those topics have encouraged or expert the author's 8 significant ancient works, yet are revisited right here with the readability, wit and self-discipline of an excellent instructor. A Medieval Miscellany will supply readers already familiar with Labarge's paintings new excitement, and supply an attractive direction into medieval lives and time for brand spanking new readers.

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Like burial within the city, periodic contests are not exclusive to heroes, but are very often a mark of heroization. 9 From the commemoration of Brasidas, Thucydides turns to what is in effect an act of reverse commemoration, the abolition of all marks of Hagnon, the original founder of the city, so that the citizens destroyed the “buildings connected with Hagnon” (ta Hagnôneia oikodomêmata). Some have understood this phrase to mean simply “public buildings of Hagnon,” others “buildings named after Hagnon” as founder of the colony, while another view is that they are buildings for his worship; since Hagnon was probably still alive in 424, this has therefore been understood as an early reference to the cult of living heroes.

In such a context “impurity” denotes the association with death and the underworld that affects both deceased ancestors and heroes, insofar as the two groups are different. 7 While the Selinous tablet uses the compound verb katagizein to denote this form of consecration, the more usual compound, having virtually the same meaning, is enagizein. ” Herodotus uses it when distinguishing the sacrifice that Greeks made to Heracles “as to a hero” from what they did for him as a god, while for sacrifice to the god Heracles he uses the general, “unmarked,” term, thuein.

He himself claims to have met the Muses while tending his sheep in a valley beneath Mount Helicon, and pays them glowing tribute in the opening of his Theogony. This valley contained a sanctuary for their cult (Mouseion), and in the Hellenistic period an association called “the Hesiodic co-sacrificers (synthytai) to the Muses” owned property nearby. This is probably a poetic guild that used the site for its meetings and celebrated the memory of Hesiod, but not a group worshiping the poet himself.

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