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None of the previous available models are able to model directcoupled loads of arbitrary I-V shape, although several are capable of modeling directcoupled battery loads. The method presented in this thesis is the only method which uses long-teIm average weather data to estimate system output for direct-coupled loads of any I-V shape. Both monthly and yearly results are calculated. Table 1 is a brief summary of available models, updated from Smith and Reiter [16]. Some of the models included in Smith and Reiter's review are not long-term performance models and are not included in the table below.

2) Φ,ΦREF = irradiance at the new and reference conditions, W/m2. IL,REF = light current, in amps, at the reference condition. µISC = Manufacturer-supplied temperature coefficient of short circuit current in amps per degree. (As will be shown later, the short circuit current is nearly identical to the light current. For practical purposes, the terms are interchangeable). TC,TC,REF = cell temperature at the new and reference conditions. 0 for an ideal cell), multiplied by the number of cells wired in series, NCS (also 1 in this example).

27 shows that the reverse saturation current, 100 is replaced in the MIT circuit by the product of ISC and constant C1. This regrouping forces the diode current to be a function of irradiance in the MIT circuit, which is incorrect. Diode behavior is the same under dark or illuminated conditions. To use the MIT equation at conditions other than the reference conditions, it is necessary to recalculate VOC and ISC instead of IO and IL.

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