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By Ronald Radosh, Murray N. Rothbard

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Le siècle d’or de l’Empire Romain

Les assets antiques ne tarissent pas d'éloges sur l. a. dynastie des Antonins, qui régna de ninety six à 192 (il s'agit d'ailleurs de los angeles plus longue dynastie impériale. )

Les quatre premiers Empereurs de cette dynastie n'ayant pas european d'héritiers mâles, ils durent se résoudre à adopter leur successeur. Ainsi, le principe de filiation disparut pendant un temps, mais en contrepartie, les souverains s'assurèrent que leurs héritiers seraient des Empereurs compétents.

Sur les six Empereurs s'étant succédés, les cinq premiers furent surnommés les Cinq bons Empereurs ; le siècle au cours duquel ils ont gouverné fut appelé siècle des Antonins ou siècle d'or

Staline et les Juifs

S'il est vrai qu'à ses débuts l. a. Révolution russe de 1917 a pu se parer des apparences d'une émancipation du peuple juif, il n'en demeure pas moins que, sous Staline, le vieil antisémitisme a toujours été complaisamment alimenté, couvé, tel une lame de fond prête a refaire floor à l. a. moindre celebration.

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S. Steel Corporation's president, James A. Farrell, when he told the Convention: ". . there is no factor which is so much involved in . . [the nation's] material prosperity as the export trade," and then proceeded to say that due to its great significance with respect to the economic conditions of our financial relations with the markets of the world, the export trade is likewise a vital factor in international affairs. . 55 The important point is that they held in common the assumption that expansion of markets and investment abroad was indispensable to the stability and growth of the political economy.

Announces certain moral principles to which we all agree"; and the trade commission act "prevents unfair methods of competition," and as such "is the most wholesome legislation . . that has been passed recently" in the matter of trusts. " N F T C , Proceedings (1915), PP. 54, 56. 66 See La Follette's Weekly, VI, 8 (February 21, 1914), p. 1-2. 65 44 NEW HISTORY OF LEVIATHAN Henry R. Seager of Columbia University, Charles R. Van Hise, president of the University of Wisconsin, and Guy E. Tripp, chairman of the board of directors of the Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing Company.

43 Edward N. 44 The Convention met in the afterglow of Secretary of State Bryan's appearance, in January, 1914, as guest of honor at the annual dinner of the American Asiatic Association, of which Willard Straight was then president. 45 At that time, the Underwood Tariff and Federal Reserve act, measures most closely associated with the New Freedom, 42 Official Report of the National Foreign Trade Convention (1914), pp. 15, 16, 457-458 (hereafter cited as N F T C , Proceedings). Johnson was himself president of the Baldwin Locomotive Works, and Farrell the president of the United States Steel Corporation.

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