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By P.J. Currie, W. Langston, D.H. Tanke

Within the first monographic therapy of a horned (ceratopsid) dinosaur in nearly a century, this enormous quantity provides one of many closest seems to be on the anatomy, relationships, progress and edition, habit, ecology and different organic facets of a unmarried dinosaur species. The study, which used to be performed over twenty years, was once attainable end result of the discovery of a densely packed bone mattress close to Grande Prairie, Alberta. The locality has produced ample is still of a brand new species of horned dinosaur (ceratopsian), and components of at the very least 27 person animals have been recovered. This new species of Pachyrhinosaurus is heavily on the topic of Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis, that's identified from more youthful rocks close to Drumheller and Lethbridge in southern Alberta, yet is a smaller animal with many ameliorations within the decorative spikes and bumps at the cranium. The adults of either species have tremendous bosses of bone within the positions the place different horned dinosaurs (like Centrosaurus and Triceratops) have horns. although, juveniles of the hot species resemble juveniles of Centrosaurus in having horns instead of bosses. cranium anatomy undergoes awesome alterations in the course of progress and the horns over the nostril and eyes of the Pachyrhinosaurus juveniles rework into bosses; spikes and horns increase at the best of and in the back of the frill that extends again over the neck. No reason has been decided for the obvious catastrophic loss of life of the herd of Pachyrhinosaurus from the Grande Prairie sector, however it has been prompt that such herds can have been migratory animals. as well as the most descriptive paper, the amount contains info at the distribution of bones in the bone mattress itself, and a state-of-the-art electronic therapy of CT-scan facts of the fossils to bare the anatomy of the animal's mind.

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On the medial side, especially toward the dorsal edge, are seen the fine closely spaced striations characteristic of immature ceratopsid dermal bone. A New Horned Dinosaur From an Upper Cretaceous Bone Bed in Alberta. 31 A '" ....... '10. ' _'\ naris ". ~. , . II,'~' "---"'~, ... ~,. , , •• '. '\. '- --- ... G naris , --. , . ~. '/' Fig. 15. i bones of /"lIImile 10 yOl1l/1; ad.. 48. xIIIII/lle. right side (anterior to the right). (8, C. 80 iI, fe(llatt'ral (atllcrior /0 the left), left medial.

188, Fig. 12). 855 is one-half the length of the largest maxillae and has only 17 tooth positions). 1234, although the total count in both cases may have had a few more tooth positions. These numbers are comparable with other ceratopsids of similar size (25-28 in Achelousaurus, 2935 in Centrosaurus, 30 in Chasmosaurus, and 24-28 in Einiosaurus) A New Horned Dinosaur From an Upper Cretaceous Bone Bed in Alberta • 25 bm are lower than in the adults of larger ceratopsids, such as Tricerarops, which can have as many as 40 tooth positions.

Dimensions a nd surura l edges on the prefrontals of P. lakustai show that these bones we re separated medially by the fromals. In a large P. 111, Fig. 8E) in wh ich the "sponge-s haped " supraorbital bosses a rc well developed, the fronta l forms part of the med ial side of eac h boss, si mila r to Achelotfsaurus and P. canadensis. Dorsally, the frontal extends poster iorl y to overlap the anterolaterally d irected ramus of the parietal, therehy excluding the posto rbital s from the mid line (Sa mpson 1995).

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