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By Michael H. Hart

This publication speculates concerning the vital innovations, clinical discoveries, and political and social advancements, which can ensue throughout the coming millennium. It does this by means of proposing -- in the course of the eyes of a fictitious writer residing within the yr 3000 -- a listing of the a hundred women and men who've had the best influence on international historical past and at the daily lives of individuals.

The hundred individuals are ranked so as in their impact. the most component to the booklet contains brief biographies of these a hundred people, describing what every body complete, and why that individual is so important.

Forty-five of the entries are real ancient personages. those contain such popular figures as Jesus Christ, Confucius, Charles Darwin, Christopher Columbus, Albert Einstein, and George Washington.

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One of Islam, compared to from the nature of the holy Muhammad 38 The Christian Bible, like the Jewish Old Testament (which rated), is a compilation of the writings of views. many therefore contains It many many men, who it incorpo- held a variety of contradictory statements, which permit (As an old saying went, "The Devil himself can This may sound like a serious weakness; but actually it varied interpretations. ") turned out to be a strength, since it permitted Christianity to adjust to changing times and circumstances.

MUHAMMAD 570 632 - 1 he prophet Muhammad was the founder of Islam, one of the world's great Although Islam is of only minor importance in today's world, for roughly fifteen centuries it was a major force in human history, and there were periods during which the Moslems (those who follow Islam) outnumbered the religions. adherents of any other religion. So important, single first in his was Muhammad that Hart considered him to be the human history, and accordingly ranked him book, ahead of both Isaac Newton and Jesus Christ.

This danger stimulated an unprecedented outpouring of political articles, books, and theories. Most of these either denied that the danger existed, or consisted of mere hand-wringing, or involved hopelessly impractical schemes for dealing tion with the problem. By far the best of these early proposals dar (#46 in this book), set who was made in 2277 by Jalal Usku- devised (and described in detail) a sophisticated of ingenious safeguards to prevent any government official from using Szabo's techniques to brainwash people into becoming his unquestioning In 2301, another political theorist, Mauni Nkato (#11), designed an even more elaborate constitutional model, incorporating Uskudar's ideas, but followers.

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