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1970). , cystinuria and Hartnup disease, as well as in a number of inborn errors of amino acid metabolism. Clinical symptoms of these metabolic problems, resulting from the intake of certain amino acids, often include mental retardation and neurological disorders. The best known example is phenylketonuria. , 1963). When single doses of individual amino acids are given orally or intravenously exceeding the requirement by tenfold, mild gastric distress symptoms and even nausea, febrile reactions, and headache have been reported in normal, healthy individuals.

JELLIFFE and E. F. PATRICE JELLIFFE toxic foods taken in overlarge quantities can have adverse effects-the most notable being, of course, calorie-overdosage obesity. In addition, too high a consumption of foods containing certain nutrients can cause ill consequences. For example, carotenemia (aurantiasis) can result from an excessive intake of beta-carotene containing foods, such as carrots or tangerines, while a diet overfortified with vitamin D was shown to have pathological results in infants in postwar Britain.

Most of the natural toxins are of vegetable origin and are concentrated along the food chain in the animal body, and very few occur per se in the animal. Raw fresh meat, where no preservatives or additives are used, could be said to be the least dangerous food item as it is derived from an animal that has used the special detoxifying capacity in its liver. Consequently the toxic problems of food components of animal origin generally occur when the animals have consumed toxic products in their feed, which have not been detoxified in the liver.

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