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The axis OOXg is usually oriented in the direction of flight, while the direction of the axis OOZg corresponds to a right-handed coordinate system. If the origin of an earth-fixed system of coordinates is made to coincide with the centre of mass of a craft, we obtain a normal earthfixed coordinate system also known as a local geographical coordinate system Ox~y~z~ (Fig. 2). The position of a craft relative to this coordinate system is determined by three angles: the yawing (course) angle ~J, the pitching angle &, and the rolling (banking) angle "(.

In this case, the degree of stability does not change because at all possible (small) elevator angles the inclination of the moment eurve to the axis of abscissas is the same. The condition of a linear nature of the moment characteristic makes it possible to use concepts such as the aerodynamic centre or neutral centering (XFa = XCi\]) when studying the flying properties of craft. These concepts lose their sense when the linear nature is violated. Longitudinal Balancing. Let us consider a flight at a uniform speed in a longitudinal plane along a curvilinear trajectory with a constant radius of curvature.

5. Features of Gas Flow at High Speeds Compressibility of a Gas One of the important properties of a gas is its compressibilityits ability to change its density under the action of a pressure. All :the processes associated with the flow of a gas are characterized by Ch. 1. Basic Information from Aerodynamics 59 a change in tho pre'li':ure and, conseqnently, by the inflllence of compressibility on these processes to some extent. Inyestigations show that as lOllg as the speeds are low, the challge in the density owing to insignificant changes in the pressllre is not large, and the effect of compre:-sibility may be ignorer!.

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