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By Donna L. Van Raaphorst

This learn offers the one on hand chronologically entire background of Alcatraz Island. It demanding situations many typically held assumptions approximately Alcatraz as a jail for risky criminals. This learn truly demonstrates that Alcatraz and Alcatraz inmates weren't what most folks think them to were. except for a handful of colourful excessive profile prisoner's e.g. Al Capone, the Birdman of Alcatraz, the inmates have been remarkably like these in different federal penitentiaries. even though now not excessively brutal, as Hollywood video clips depicted it, the establishment was once harsh in its personal approach. This paintings should still attract a large viewers from the general public typically and to these in educational associations.

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Although this was not unusual, the ship’s strange course alerted the sentry. Towed by two rowboats, it headed for Raccoon Straits to the north of Angel Island, rather than the morrage between Telegraph Hill and Alcatraz. Such a course led directly to the Benicia Arsenal and the Navy yard on Mare Island. Captain William Winder ordered a blank charge fired from North Battery. The shot echoed over the Bay, but the oarsmen continued their pace. Winder then ordered the cannon loaded with an empty shell which he directed his men to discharge two hundred to three hundred yards in front of the ship.

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64 Foreign nationssome of them were powerful enemies lurking too close for comfortwere warded off. Only 40 miles north, the Russians had established Fort Ross in l812. They were still attempting to trade with native peoples up and down the northwestern Pacific coastline. Even more threatening were the British with their mighty fleet located at Vancouver. They created this naval base following the l846 treaty with the United States that established the 49th North Parallel as the official boundary between the two nations.

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