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By James Rollins

Retail ePub. There wasn't a unmarried James Rollins booklet uploaded in retail epub (though i feel such a lot are represented in conversions and/or retails of different formats). They have been *all* on OverDrive so I took the initiative to acquire them and placed all of them up the following for destiny downloaders' amusement. So, enjoy!

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Following the autumn of Baghdad, Iraqi boys bump into armed males looting town zoo. The floodgates were opened for the smuggling of thousands of unique birds, mammals, and reptiles to Western countries, yet this crime hides a deeper mystery. Amid a hail of bullets, a hid underground guns lab is ransacked—and anything much more awful is decided free.

Seven years later, Louisiana kingdom veterinarian Lorna Polk stumbles upon a fishing trawler shipwrecked on a barrier island. The group is lacking or lifeless, however the boat holds a daunting shipment: a caged crew of unique animals, sincerely a part of a black marketplace smuggling ring.

Yet, whatever is inaccurate with those beasts, worrying deformities that make no experience: a parrot with out feathers, a couple of Capuchin monkeys conjoined on the hip, a jaguar cub with the dentition of a saber-toothed tiger. in addition they all proportion one uncanny trait—a disturbingly heightened intelligence...

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