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The documents concerning Fulton were brought to light in 1896 by the exertions of Lieut. Emile Duboc. " As these propositions formed the basis of all the subsequent negotiations with the Directory, and the Government which succeeded it, we give them in full: TO THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORY PARIS, 22d Frirzeire, 6th Year of the Republic. CITIZEN DIRECTORS, Considering the great importance of deminishing the Power of the British Fleets, I have Contemplated the Construction of a Mechanical Nautulus. A Machine which flatters me with much hope of being Able to Annihilate their Navy; hence feeling confident that practice will Bring the apperatus to perfection; The Magnitude of the object has excited in me an Ardent desire to Prove tne expirement; For this Purpose, and Avoid troubeling you with the Investigation of a new Project, or the expence of Carrying it into effect; I have Arranged a Company who are willing to bear the Expence, and undertake the Expedition on the following Conditions First That the Government of France Contract to pay the Nautulus Company 4oo Livers per Gun for each British Ships over 40 Guns which they may destroy; and 2000 Livers per Gun for All vessels of war under 4o tons which they destroy, that the sum be paid in Specie within six months after the distruction of Each Vessel.

This last machine if I Recollect Right is similar to one for which Dr. Anderson has a patent as explained in the Repertory of Arts. 4th. The Cassoon. As your Lordship seems to have abandoned it for the Pendanter I will not say much on its formation. It has all the objections as to leakage, tunnel, and pit, And is much more expensive In Consequence of the great depth of Pit And framing which must be in hight equal to the Ascent, nor do I see how the poize is preserved in passing, particularly In descending as the more wood Immersed the greater pressure it will Require to make the Boat descend to the Lower dry locks.

Cartwright's house.... html (15 of 15)10/26/2006 12:23:35 Chapter 5 CHAPTER V Arrival in Paris, Canal Patent, Submarine Projects. FULTON did not get away quite so early, nor perhaps H quite so easily as he had anticipated. France, at this moment, having outlived the horrors of the Reign of Terror, was now ruled by the Directory, the most noted members of which were Carnot and Barras. Napoleon Bonaparte had been at the head of the army since I795, and was just at this time in the midst of his brilliant Italian campaign.

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