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By K. Alladi, P. Erdös, J. D. Vaaler (auth.), A. C. Adolphson, J. B. Conrey, A. Ghosh, R. I. Yager (eds.)

A convention on Analytic quantity thought and Diophantine difficulties was once held from June 24 to July three, 1984 on the Oklahoma kingdom collage in Stillwater. The convention was once funded by way of the nationwide technological know-how beginning, the school of Arts and Sciences and the dept of arithmetic at Oklahoma nation college. The papers during this quantity signify just a section of the various talks given on the convention. The significant audio system have been Professors E. Bombieri, P. X. Gallagher, D. Goldfeld, S. Graham, R. Greenberg, H. Halberstam, C. Hooley, H. Iwaniec, D. J. Lewis, D. W. Masser, H. L. Montgomery, A. Selberg, and R. C. Vaughan. of those, Professors Bombieri, Goldfeld, Masser, and Vaughan gave 3 lectures every one, whereas Professor Hooley gave . detailed classes have been additionally held and so much individuals gave talks of at the very least twenty mins every one. Prof. P. Sarnak was once not able to wait yet a paper in keeping with his meant speak is incorporated during this quantity. We take this chance to thank all members for his or her (enthusiastic) aid for the convention. Judging from the reaction, it was once deemed successful. As for this quantity, I take accountability for any typographical mistakes that could ensue within the ultimate print. I additionally ask for forgiveness for the hold up (which was once a result of many difficulties incurred whereas retyping the entire papers). A. specified due to Dollee Walker for retyping the papers and to Prof. W. H. Jaco for his aid, encouragement and tough paintings in bringing the belief of the convention to fruition.

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Let Ol(A) A Assume that = A is of rank rM. :Q). r let 0i(K), Let us suppose that ). N Then there are xl' ••• , ~-rM E k. , x over k.. ) One defines A accordingly and replaces rM by the same conclusion. , 35 Suppose is a matrix with rM rows indexed by (0,i 1 ,i 2 ) and N columns indexed by (j1' j 2)' where: 0 denotes conjugation of Kover k (there are r such conjugate fields), (i1'i 2 ) E: G, and j1 .. d 1 , j2 .. d 2 • assume for simplicity that A is of maximal rank rM = rl GI. Let us Then the preceding results on Siegel's Lemma show that there are polynomials P i (x 1 ,x2) E: k[x1,x21, not identically 0, of degree at most d i in xi' such that o (1) for I (ii ) E: (j; P1,P2, ••• ,PN-rM are linearly independent over Q; (iii) In evaluating H(A) we have to consider the maximal minors of 2 A.

Lf oil degJtee r - 1 -6uch that In order to apply the Thue-Siegel Principle to such a situation we use Wirsing's result that real numbers admit very good approximations by algebraic numbers of o-<-xed degJtee. ICL I Proposition. Let he-<-ght H( CL). FOJt eveJtLf mO-6t r - CL, 1, -6uch that ,1/2 , be Jteal. (r-I) Xr If we take k = Q(S) and K k(a) one can then show that ~eff(a;k,oo) , 2 + O«log X) Another type of applicaton relates -1/3 ). to Thue equations. ho!!. pai!!. with a root of F(x, I) = O.

Vaaler* 1. Introduction. In a Siegel's recent paper classical [2] we obtained an improved formulation of result([9],Bd. I,p. 213, solutions of systems of linear equations. illustrate the use of this Hilfssatz) on small Our purpose here is to new version of Siegel's lemma in the problem of constructing a simple type of auxiliary polynomial. More precisely, integers, let Ctp Ct 2 ' k. ), and m1 ,m 2 , ••• ,mJ are not Ok. its ring nonzero algebraic numbers of (which positive integers. We will be interested in determining nontrivial polynomials P(X) in which have degree less than N, vanish multiplicity at least mj and have low height.

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