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By Leif E. Peterson

(Joseph Henry Press) reports what's recognized approximately human publicity to ionizing radiation. Examines 4 extensive parts: physics and dosimetry, melanoma facts and epidemiology, genetics, and the mental results of radiation catastrophes. Halftone illustrations. For researchers and people attracted to this topic.

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6, calculations are now within approximately 20% of the measured values, out to over 1,250 m slant range. Improvements in the calculations removed the discrepancy near the burst point, where DS86 calculates too high a level of activation, and new measured data were obtained which were consistent with calculations and large distances. To show that such an improvement at Nagasaki was no fluke, equivalent calculations were performed to compare with measurements made on Nagasaki-like weapons deployed at NTS.

Next page > < previous page page_32 next page > Page 32 Reassessing A-Bomb Survivor Dosimetry The Dosimetry System 1986 (DS86) (Roesch, 1987) is a computer program for assigning radiation doses to individual survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. , 1966), which has been used since 1965 for the same purpose. The need for a successor to T65D grew out of a combination of circumstance and technological advancement, the circumstance being that conclusions based on epidemiological data caused T65D to be questioned, and the technological advance being a new means of assessing survivor dose.

Several important examples of ad hoc assignments within the T65D system were as follows: The use of averaged transmission factors for survivors who were known to be inside Japanese houses but for whom shielding histories were either incomplete or unavailable. 0 for survivors inside factory buildings at Nagasaki and either shielded or unshielded by heavy equipment and machine tools, respectively. 0 for all survivors who lacked shielding histories and were located at ground ranges of more than 1,600 m in Hiroshima and 2,000 m in Nagasaki.

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