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This handbook presents entire, step by step, worked-out ideas for all difficulties and routines by and large textual content, permitting scholars to check and extra increase their method of them.

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Quantitative chemical analysis solution manual

This guide offers entire, step by step, worked-out recommendations for all difficulties and workouts mainly textual content, permitting scholars to study and additional improve their method of them.

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0082(4) . 306. The difference is not significant. 228. The difference ]s significant. Spectrophotometry . 0082(4) = •Spooled = " \ / ~ ' 4-23. 306. The difference ]s significant. 52 Gtablc = 1 672 for five measurements Because C7Calcuiated < Stable, we should retain 216. 4-24. 57) = 3 (±3) x 102 4-25. xi 0 2 3 sums: 5 m ' y\ ^iVi X? 12 4-26. 3462 4-27. 162763 sb 11 1? A2:A6,TRUE,TRUE)" 10 Press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER (on PC) 17 Press COMMAND+RETURN (on Mac) - 34 Chapter 4 4-28. We must measure how an analytical procedurerespondsto a known quantity of analyte (or a known quantity of a related compound) before the procedure can be used for an unknown.

493 8. 492. 008. 8% of healthy people will have a false positive indication of cancer. 92, $B$4,$B$5,Truc), where B4 contains K and B5 contains the standard deviation. 992 4. 007 6. 92,$B$4,$B$f >,TRUE) 15 E7 = 1 - E5 26 Chapter 4 (c) In column G, we vary the value of AT and compute the area above K under the curve for people with malignant tumors in column H. 25, which means that 25% of people with tumors will not be identified. 262 3. 25. 912 6. 087 4. 7% of healthy people will produce a false positive result, indicating the presence of a tumor.

001 4 M. 97% of the Ca 2+ has precipitated. 6-20. 2 x 10-12 56 Chapter 6 The stoichiometrics are not identical, so it is not clear that the salt with lower Ksp will precipitate first. Let's try each possibility. Suppose that BaCr04 precipitates first. 1 x io-5 M. 010 M Ag+? 1 x lfr* > Ksp for Ag 2 Cr0 4 Since Q > Ksp for Ag2Cr04, Ag+ will precipitate. Let's try the reverse calculation. 012 M. 90% of Ba2+. 90% precipitated without precipitating the other ion. 6-21. 3x10-16 = 3,5 x 10-6 L requires the lowest concentration of Ag+ to begin precipitating, so F precipitates first.

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