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These limitations are absent in M. pl G. Benysek and M. 1007/978-1-4471-2786-4_3, Ó Springer-Verlag London 2012 49 M. Macia˛z_ ek 50 Real time application ⇒ Waiting time ≥ 0 Fig. 1 Illustration of ‘‘real time’’ concept Waiting time Processing time n n+1 Sample time IIR phase currents phase voltages i x [n] Sample and Hold Instantaneous Power Calculation Hardware Unit Ge Calculation IIR 4 v x [n] 1 2 X2 PWM APF currents Hardware Unit 8 PI controller 7 3 APF currents Active currents 6 5 Fig. e. Active Power Filters (APF).

Macia˛z_ ek 42 In the next step vectors are transformed into d 2 q rotating system. Values in the new coordinate system are derived from the dependence: À[ Fdq À[ ¼ Fab eÀjh ð2:133Þ leads to: Fd Fq ! ¼ cos h À sin h sin h cos h ! Fa Fb ! ð2:134Þ This transformation in the literature is also called Park transformation. Similarly, the inverse transformation in the first place requires a transformation of vectors from the d 2 q rotating to rectangular a 2 b coordinate system: ! ! Fa cos h À sin h Fd ¼ ð2:135Þ Fb Fq sin h cos h Then the transformation to the natural three-phase system: 2 3 rffiffiffi2 3 !

1 Model of Source-APF-Load Circuit in Matlab/Simulink Environment Circuit shown in Fig. 3 has been simulated with the help of Matlab/Simulink programming environment. This model is shown in Fig. 4.

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